Alex’s Lockdown Blog

I really love going to Spotlight Drama on a Wednesday.  The session is at the Music Centre which is my second home, as I do LOTS of music there.   As well as drama I perform in Heavy Metal Bands and the Brass Band and also have drum and guitar lessons and sing in Junior Choir.  BUT NOW, all of that has changed, because of the Corona Virus.  I can’t do all my favourite stuff!!

When I first found out all my classes and activities were being cancelled I felt like the world was going to end. Football and swimming were also cancelled – basically everything.  As well as missing playing – music and sport – I was really missing my FRIENDS!!!

So when Mrs Dodd e mailed to say that we could still do Spotlight, but over the internet on a zoom call, I felt like I was in HEAVEN!!! It meant that I could still do my favourite things and chat to my friends as well.  Its nice and relaxing doing Spotlight from my bedroom!!!

Some other aspects of lockdown are that I’m not going to school!!! Although I miss my friends and my teacher.  I am also playing a lot more Minecraft and Roblox and a lot more drawing – I love art!!

We all need to be super careful and look after each other and protect the NHS.  We are also being super, extra careful as my gran lives with us.  She’s 90, so we really don’t want to put her at risk.  I would miss her if she had to go to hospital. 

I’m going to try and write something each week about how this all feels.  It is so different to how things were only a few weeks ago. 

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