Easter Holiday Challenges #spotlightathome

Welcome to Spotlight Drama Easter Challenges!

Our first challenge is to perform a poem to camera. It can be your favourite poem or one you have written yourself. Remember to look at the camera as much as possible as if you are seeing your audience through the lens. And don’t forget to say the title and author, particularly if you wrote the poem.

I thought I would write a poem as well, here’s mine:

The Girl by Claudia Jazz Haley

There once was a girl

Whose long straight hair refused to curl.

Her name was Claudia

And she would often say: Oh Dear!

As she would crash and fall,

Her co-ordination was not good, not at all.

Lacking was her knowledge of left and right,

No matter how hard she tried with all her might.

Bruise on bruise, plaster on plaster,

Claudia was known as a walking disaster!

Send your poems to us at nicola@spotlightdrama.co.uk. We will be posting some of them online! We’ll be sharing challenge number 2 over the next few days. So keep an eye out for messages coming through from us!

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