Month: January 2016

Picking Up Accents – Advice from Jannah Zulqurnain

Jannah is a speech and drama student who is currently working on material for exams, performances and competitions. Jannah works on a variety of material and recently has been tackling different accents in prose readings and drama pieces. This is what she has to say about working with accents…

“For the competitions and exams, I have had to prepare a lot of pieces that require me to do certain accents. I often listen to audio books to get the accents just right. Apart from that, I generally enjoy listening to different accents and impersonating them.

I all ways find myself speaking to my brother and my friends in American or Yorkshire accents while we are playing. Sometimes I don’t even realise that I am doing it. I would really like to learn to do more accents. The next ones I want to learn are Scottish and Australian.”

Thank you Jannah, you’ve given us some useful information there about listening to stories to absorb the accent sounds and rehearsing the accents through playing. We’re looking forward to hearing your Scottish or Australian accent in the future!