Learning Lines by Eliza

I think we all must have been in the position when we have to learn something off by heart. If you think about it, it’s practically inevitable. Learning words for a spelling test, speech, vocab test, etc., etc. The problem is: how do we learn them? Read on to find out my three top methods.

  1. Rereading

If you are ever learning a large monologue or speech, remember to keep on going through your lines. Let me tell you, if you read through each line individually, you’ll have forgotten half of it when you get to the end. Instead, keep on adding your lines. E.g-‘I went to the shop.’ Say if your next line was ‘ I bought some crisps.’ You would then say ‘I went to the shop, I bought some crisps,’ and keep on adding lines.

  1. Thinking positive

Picture the scene. You’re sitting at the table with a massive script in front of you. Your initial reaction would be to look at it and groan. Understandable. We’re human. Instead, look at it with a positive attitude. Don’t think ‘Oh great, I’ve got to learn all this.’ Think ‘ Good, if I read the script and learn the lines, I’ll get to know the story!’ Just keep reading the script as a whole and you’ll pick it up.

  1. Putting it in context

As I said in the last point, reading the story will help you get a grip of the words, but it will also show you how to say your line. Saying your line with the right attitude will have an impact on the entire performance. If you forget a line, think about what your character would say in that circumstance. Chances are you’ll go along the right lines and the audience will know what you mean.

Thanks for reading!


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